If you already live in a communal apartment, then with the rest of the neighbors have the preferential right to purchase the privatized room, which sells one of them.When the rest of the neighbors will be willing to purchase an additional room , their refusal to testify.A neighbor who sells room , shall send you a notice of sale, and if the rest of it does not respond within one month, it will be deemed a waiver of the repayment.If the price of the apartment is large enough, you'll be the lucky ones who receive additional living space.
In the case where only the privatized for sale room, and the rest of the apartment tenants are o
n a social tenancy, the right to purchase a room and municipalities.Get the refusal of the city to the district council, and attaching the consent of the owner of the room for sale.
privatized room can try to buy out the city, but in many major cities entered are serious restrictions, and such purchase is fraught with great difficulties.In this case, the action takes art.59 of the Housing Code, which establishes the order of an apartment or a subsequent purchase.
Under the law, if you wish to redeem room in a communal apartment , prepare a package of documents and submit it to the district or the district housing authority.It includes a statement of the purchase of the liberated premises, housing a single order, explication and floor plan for the apartment, the calculation of BTI, which determines the selling price of the dwelling.
Remember that you should hurry up and collect the documents in less than a month from the date of receipt of the notification.If for some good reason you do not have time to do it, imagine the documentary evidence of his absence or illness.
The documents considered by the authorized body, the city housing commission.If approved you will be awarded a contract of sale, which will be the basis for a certificate-permission to ransom freed premises.The deal will come into force only after the state registration of the contract.