you need
  • - Statement;
  • - a package of documents for the provision of subsidies.
If you do not have housing or need to improve their living conditions and at the same time in your family age of one of the spouses does not exceed 35 years, you are eligible to receive a subsidy from the government for the purchase of property orto improve living conditions.
provides grants can not cover all expenses for the purchase of housing, as its size is equal to 35-40% of the cost of apartments, which is reviewed annually by the members of the housing commission with the increase in market prices.Therefore, you must have sufficient reve
nues to repay the shortfall.Income levels confirm the information of the form 2-PIT.
In addition, you need to document that you do not have housing or need to improve their living conditions.To do this, you should contact the local administration, to invite the housing commission, which will amount to an act of confirming that your home does not conform to social norms accommodation for one person in your region.
To apply, contact the Department of Housing Policy.Fill out the application, present a passport spouse, a marriage certificate or divorce, income statement, obtained the certificate of inspection of property, birth certificate for all children, the number of accounts in the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation to transfer subsidies.The administration works only with accounts of the Savings Bank.If you have an open account at another bank, it is not suitable for the transfer of a subvention.
With all documents make photocopies and present them together with the originals.
on statement on the place you will be notified within 30 days from the date of filing.The provision of grants you have to invest in the purchase of housing for 6 months.If you do not have time to buy a home, you will have to submit all the documents again and wait for the provision of subsidies in the general queue.