you need
  • - a contract of sale of the house;
  • - an agreement of shared ownership;
  • - details of all property buyers for inclusion in the contract of sale of the house and the contract share ownership;
  • - technical papers at home.
Ask the seller house and who are going to purchase common share ownership , to include in the contract data of all customers.This surname, name and patronymic of each, passport data (series, number, when and by whom issued, the code issuing unit) and data of birth certificates of minors buyers.
Ensure the presence of all adult participants in the transaction from
the buyer at the signing of the sales contract.If the number of participants there are minor enough presence of legal representatives of each with the documents confirming their powers (birth certificate if in this role are the parents, or a document confirming the right of the guardian).
asked to prepare a power of attorney in the name of any other participant of those who, for whatever reason, to be present at the signing of the sales contract can not.
Sign the contract of sale with the participation of all buyers or their representatives.
concluded an agreement on the shared ownership home .Include the data of all the owners, a detailed description of the house but on the basis of technical documentation on it and the size of the share of each of them.The law does not limit the determination of the amount of each part: how to arrange, for example, in proportion to the amount paid for the house each of the buyers, in equal shares by the number of owners or otherwise.
with the contract of sale house but also share ownership at him, as well as technical documentation for house contact Rosreestr for registration for each owner of the certificate of ownership of the premises with an indication of belonginghis share.