you need
  • - documents in the apartment;
  • - passport and your customers;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - the act of reception and transmission;
  • - receipt of payment of state duty for registration.
To sell apartment illegal redevelopment and be exactly sure what the deal is not illegal, make registration of redevelopment in the manner prescribed by law.Reconstruction can legislate, guided by Article 25-29 of the Housing Code.
Contact BTI, obtain an extract from the cadastral passport previously existing plan,
a copy of the cadastral plan and certificate of technical characteristics of housing.Obtaining the documents refer to the district department of architecture and urban planning.Call the architect, make a sketch of the existing project and the changes in the consent of the administration, fire protection, SES, in the housing department.
If the changes are approved, you will be able to pay an administrative fine, to get permission from the chief architect of the district, call the technique of BTI, which will examine the changes that will make technical documents.All changes will make in the cadastral passport and a plan, and then get a passport and an extract of the cadastral plan in accordance with the changes produced
Then work out a normal sale transaction.Get notarial permission from all co-owners for sale (Article 244, 256 of the Civil Code and 34 of the Family Code).If among the co-owners are minor, incapable or partially capable person, then you will need an additional resolution of the guardianship authorities (Article 28, 29, 26, 30 of the Civil Code).Take an excerpt from the house register and account, enclose a notary or a written contract of sale (Article 550, 421, 420, 549, 554, 555 of the Civil Code).
final stage of the deal is its registration in FUGRTS (Article 122 of the Federal Law, Article 131 of the Civil Code).After 30 days, your customers will receive a certificate of ownership.If you are fulfilled in accordance with the law, to challenge the transaction, and to invalidate it will be impossible (Article 2967, 3075 of the Civil Code).
Sell apartment you can not legitimize redevelopment, but you are required to notify customers that your apartment committed illegal reconstruction, to take from them a receipt that they are familiar with the existing situation.The cost of your apartment will be much smaller than if you were to sell it in accordance with all legal requirements.In addition, if you cadastral passport expired, and the shelf life of 5 years, you will not be able to get the desired statement and you will inevitably have to plan to legalize.