you need
  • - your passport, seller and witnesses;
  • - contract;
  • - receipt of funds;
  • - notarial power of attorney.
To buy garage , which is not owned , complete your general authorization form, the duration of which is 3 years.
conclude a written contract of sale indicating the subject of the contract, the price and conditions of purchase.Invite two witnesses for the seller and two witnesses on their part.Under the contract, ask to put the signature and passport data.
Cash for garage give to the presence of witnesses.Ask the seller to write a receipt that it has received the full amount of money for selling garage , which is not owned .Also specify in the receipt that later no problems on registration of immovable property in the ownership of the buyer, and if they occur, the former owner will take all measures to their legal settlement.
Even such forms of receipt does not ensure that later on garage not lay claim to the other person.Because if you make no notarization, it may at any time declare a person who claims to real estate, and have every right (Article 2965, 3075).You may submit a certificate from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clinic, which at the time of writing the contract and released your seller was in a deranged state, and has been recognized by the court incompetent.
therefore safest to buy a garage the owner and execute all documents by a notary, who is obliged to make sure that the seller is reasonable, legal competence and all documents for the original transaction.
But if you still dare to acquire property rights to the unformed property , then immediately begin the procedure of registration of ownership .To do this, perform surveying land for garage th, complete your cadastral passport for land and garage, get statements and register their property rights in FUGRTS.