choose room in a hostel should be, based on their requirements.You can buy for yourself, then to live there.If you buy for rental to students, the greatest demand is for dormitory near the university.You can simply invest the money and the room will be empty.You should always take into account the location of the hostel, if there is close to shops, bus stops, kindergarten and school.
necessary to select the type of hostel.To live in a dormitory corridor type less comfortable.Because in the hallway on the twenty rooms, one kitchen and one toilet.Shower can be on the floor or worse in the basement for all five floors.The room block is in great demand.It will be easier to rent and to live better.The unit may be eight, four or two rooms.Order and cleanliness
abide easier to block than in the corridor.
Location room in the house is very important, both for the living and for sale.Corner rooms on the first floor of a very unclaimed.The first floor is always cold, the smell of the cellar possible.When buying a room on the upper floors ensure that there is a technical floor or hip roof.The flow of the roof, the heat from the hot summer roof and broken elevators in the nine-story dormitories significant disadvantages when buying.
purchased the room size depends on your financial capabilities.Small rooms for less than 12 meters are large rooms of 18 meters.In both cases, you need to measure the area of ​​the room.As a rule, the size of the room is often not correspond to the declared meters of documents.If the area is in fact smaller than the document, such a purchase is not profitable for you.Why pay for virtual meters, which are not.Enter it and ask the seller to reduce the price of the room, or give up the purchase.Therefore, when you go to watch another option, bring your tape measure.
Rate repairs in the room, state of the window, the front door.Inspect the toilet, kitchen and shower room.Determine whether you want to invest the money after the purchase.
Learn about the status of the room - a hostel or a shared apartment.It is very important to know because the sale of the room in a communal apartment needed a month, that would send letters to neighbors and wait for a response.For a quick sale is necessary to take a written waiver of each neighbor, notarized.For sale in a conventional dorm rooms is required.
Check prices in the market.Remember that every seller wants to sell as expensive as possible.There are some sellers who do not prescribe adequate price.To enrich themselves at the expense of your love real estate agency.The price difference is the owner and realtor can be from 10,000 to 100,000 rubles.
Good options to buy very quickly, so do not miss your favorite to room, carry money for a deposit.