you need
  • - documents of all parties to the transaction;
  • - documents in the apartment;
  • - a contract of sale, deed of transfer and acceptance;
  • - a statement in FUGRTS and a receipt of payment for the registration.
If you buy an apartment on their own, without resorting to the services of specialists from the real estate agency, the first read all the documents of the seller and the documents available to the apartment.
Carefully read the passport seller.If you have any suspicions about the authenticity of the document, refer to the Federal Migra
tion Service, file a claim with the reason for your interest.You will be given accurate information about the owner of the document.
If the apartment is sold by a notary authorized person, please contact the notary office at the place of registration of power of attorney and check its authenticity and validity.Single or special power of attorney is issued to perform a transaction, and will expire immediately after the completion of the transaction.General power of attorney is valid for three years, but the principal may at any time withdraw it, so you need to get confirmation of a notary, that document is authentic, its validity has not expired, and the principal was not revoked.
on selling an apartment must have a certificate of ownership, cadastral extract from the passport, a copy of the cadastral map, an extract from the house and from the account.If the certificate of ownership is recorded several persons, each co-owner must issue a notarized permission to sell (article number 244 of the Civil Code).If the owner is in a registered marriage, the notary permit is required from the other spouse (Article 34 of the RF IC number, article number 256 of the Civil Code).
If the certificate of ownership of the juvenile, incapable, partially capable citizens, the decision to sell, check, issued by the guardianship authorities (Article №№ 28, 29, 30, 26 of the Civil Code).
After verification of all documents entered into a contract of sale.The document you can make in writing or by a notary.Notary contract guarantees you that all the articles of the law of the Russian Federation at the time of its conclusion would take into account that the seller is in adequate condition and fully legal competence, this should ensure a notary before signing a contract.
If you still want to make the contract in writing, and such right you give the article number 550 and number 421 of the Civil Code, be sure to point it to all terms of the transaction (article number 432, number554 of the Civil Code).You should also specify the price (article number 317 of the Civil Code), the area of ​​apartments (article number 555 of the Civil Code), the list of persons involved in the transaction and the right to use the living area (Article №№ 292, 558 of the Civil Code).
After signing the contract, make a delivery-acceptance certificate showing all parameters transmitted apartments , number of rooms, bathrooms, type of heating, the list of sanitary equipment, stationary plates, etc.
final stage of the deal is its state registration in FUGRTS (Federal Law № 122-F3, article number 131 of the Civil Code).Apply to the registration center application, all originals and copies of documents, pay the fee for registration.After one month of your ownership rights register and you will receive a certificate of ownership.