you need
  • - Passport parties to the transaction;
  • - documents in the apartment;
  • - permit the sale or donation of the property;
  • - an extract from the personal account and the cadastral passport;
  • - documents of guardianship authorities in the minors, and the limited ability of disabled people;
  • - receipt for payment of state duty;
  • - registration of ownership of another person.
procedure for registration of rights ownership of the apartment depends on how you acquired her property rights.There are several options - become your apartment after purchasing it, as a result of a gift or inheritance.
If you have recently purchased an apartment, then you need to re-reg
ister it for themselves.For starters get an extract from the cadastral passport of the department's Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI).If the technical documents in the apartment were obtained later than five years ago, then you have to get them again.Technical Officer of BTI will come to the apartment and inspection data will be recorded in the statement issued.
Then write down all of the tenants of the apartments and get the help that all registered at this address citizens removed from the register.We need to get a paper notary - notarial resolution - apartments for sale on all its owner (s).To obtain this document must be present in person at the notary's office of all owners who sign the notarial permission.
If apartment owners are incapable, partially capable or minor citizens, that require additional paper - the resolution of the guardianship authorities.When all of the above documents are collected, go to the housing department for a statement of account, and then to the notary to make the last step of renewal.You need to make a sale and purchase agreement and the act of receiving the transmission.Finally, you arrange all the documents confirming property rights for themselves.Former owners of the apartment completely lose all the rights to it.
you got the apartment through the act of giving, then you need to collect all the documents from the above list and refer to the notary.Instead of a marketing authorization authorization to take donations, and the register do not have to shoot anybody.The contract of donation is fixed in the center of the state registration.
All previously living in the apartment owners and registered citizens can use the shelter, but are obliged to release him, if you want to sell the apartment.