Tip 1: What are the necessary documents when buying a room


room refers to the purchase and sale transactions, which are subject to state registration in FUGRTS (Article 122 of the Federal Law-F3).To register the property right to the room, you need to prepare the documents for registration.

When buying a room the buyer is obliged to have only your passport.The rest of the package of documents for the sale of property the seller is obliged to prepare.

The seller must have a certificate of ownership of the room, an excerpt from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan, resulting in the BTI, an extract from the house register and a personal account.

room is part of the apartment, so the sale of property must obtain notarized waiver from the owners of pre-emptive rights (Article 250 of the Civil Code).If co-owners are not willing to give a waiver and shall not exercise their pre-emptive right, the seller is obliged to notify them by registered mail with a list of contents of the sale of the room with the conditions.After one month, h
e has the right to sell a house to strangers without notary refusal owners.

If property rights are registered on the person who is the registered status, the other spouse must give notarized authorization to sell the room (Article 256 of the Civil Code, the RF IC 34).A permit is not required only if the ownership of one of the spouses have been registered prior to entry into a legal marriage, or the room was donated by one of the spouses.

If the room have the right to ownership of limited ability, incapacitated or minors, the seller is required to obtain in the bodies of trusteeship and guardianship ruling (Article 28, 29, 26, 30 of the Civil Code).

If you have all the necessary documents is the purchase and sale in the simple written or notarial form and draw up a written act of reception and transmission housing.

All documents must be submitted in FUGRTS, complete an application form, pay the fee for registration.Ownership of the buyer shall be issued within 30 days.

Tip 2: How to look up a word in a document

When editing large documents users of text editors, probably more than once confronted with the challenge of finding the right words or phrases.This situation is solved by introducing a special search function in the text editor Microsoft Office Word.
How to look up a word in a document
you need
  • - program of Microsoft Office Word.
Download and install on your computer software Microsoft Office Word, when this was not done earlier.Complete the installation by following the menu item Setup.
Open the document in which you want to find the right word in programs you installed.In the upper right corner of the main menu, scroll to the tab "Search" and enter it word correctly, keeping the height of the letters.In the opened window tab you can only search for neighbors - to replace the found word to another or go to it in the text.This is quite convenient when writing error repeats many times in the text, or when you need to quickly find a specific passage of the document and go directly to it, without reading the rest of it.This sequence is typical for software Microsoft Office Word version 2007 and above, in earlier releases has a different kind of menu.
Note that, as for many other programs for Microsoft Office Word also provides quick access buttons to the menu functions, regardless of which version of the program installed on your computer.To search for a word you can use the key combination Ctrl + F, and then in the window, click on the tabs to select the desired action.
order to find the desired portion of text or words across a document in Microsoft Office Word 2007 version below, which has a menu of old-fashioned, use the option "Edit" in the top toolbar.It employs the same principle: you can find the word , replace it, go to it, the only difference is in the order of start-up of this function, which can vary depending on the version of the software installed Microsoft Office.
Helpful Hint
Read the FAQ for MS Office.
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