you need
  • - certificate of ownership of the land;
  • - cadastral extracts on the ground;
  • - building a passport;
  • - a building permit;
  • - the design documentation;
  • - technical description of the facility;
  • - a statement in regtsentr;
  • - Receipt of payment for registration;
  • - Passport parties to the transaction;
  • - receipt of payment of state fees.
To order the unfinished facility in the property, you need to prepare the package of documents on the basis of conduct which the state registration at the Federal Office of the registration center.
The facility should have a passport and a building permit for construction, resulting in the regional department of architecture and urban planning.The land on wh
ich the object under construction, should be issued to the property.If the land is leased, will get a resolution in the local administration, in the land cadastral extracts Committee and register the property right by submitting an application to the documents and registration center.
description object in the form in which it is located at the time of registration, conducts technical officer of BTI.Apply to your authorized representative will arrive Bureau of Technical Inventory, examine the object and make it a technical description at the time of registration.
The registration center applying for a technical description, construction certificate, building permit, project documentation for building and engineering communications, a certificate of ownership of the land, pay the state fee for registration.On the basis of documents submitted by construction in progress will be registered.Only after obtaining the right of ownership, you can sell it.
sale with the general procedure.To conclude a contract, the act of reception and transmission.If the ownership is registered in a few people, or did you start construction, you are officially married, get a pre-notarized permission to sell all of the owners and the other spouse.
prepared documents filed in regtsentr for registration of ownership rights to the new owners.