you need
  • -pasport
  • -zayavlenie the administration
  • -pravoustanavlivayuschie documents home
  • -extract of technical documents and site plan
  • -postanovlenie administration
  • -documents of title to the house andsection
  • -dogovor the sales
  • -akt reception and transmission
  • Registering the ownership of the customer
However, in accordance with Article № 25.2 to claim 7 of the RF Law on Registrationproperty rights, possible registration of pro
perty rights to a land plot, if it has any document even from the previous seller.If the documents are available only in the house, you must apply to the local administration to provide a statement on the site is under the building in lease or ownership.
In accordance with the new changes in the law on registration of property rights, land registration allowed without cadastral passport if it is very small for a unified land registration.But this does not mean that it does not need the technical documents, cadastral plan and technical passport.
In accordance with article number 36 n. 5, a plot of land, located directly under the house and around the house belongs to the owner of the building.Therefore, if the site is insufficient space, the administration should make the decision in that type of permitted use of land is for residential building.
for sale you need to call the land organization, form the boundaries of the land, make a plan, make a topographical survey.All received documents should be at the center of land registration.On site will be given a statement of the technical documents.
documents of title to the house, an extract of BTI, an extract from the documents of land decree of the administration, it is necessary to submit to the regtsent and obtain a certificate of ownership.
Next Selling a house is done in the usual way.Drawn up a contract of sale in the notary or in writing.Acceptance of transfer and registration of ownership of customers.