you need
  • -pasport
  • -Certificate of ownership of the building and the land
  • -extract of cadastral passport
  • -pismennoe registration deposit
  • -dogovor the sales
  • -akt Acceptancetransmission
  • Registering ownership of buyers
for registration of ownership of land dacha need legal documents on the site.If not, take a statement about the site of the household books in the reign of gardening association or the local administration.Statement should be issued on a special form from the registration center.
further land management should invite the organization to carry out the necessary work and the preparation of technical documents for the land.
All documents refer to the registration ce
nter land cadastre and cartography (Rosnedvizhimost).On the basis of the documents submitted to you formalize cadastral passport and will extract from it for the registration of property rights.
for registration of property rights on a country house should have legal documents to him or make up a complete inventory of the building.Inventory is made by hand and is certified to the board or the local administration.This document must specify the area of ​​the building, floor, room number, month and year of construction.
With all the collected documents in house and land refer to the State Registration Center and complete ownership.
Then you can sell the cottage .To do this, you need to find buyers to take a deposit and place it in writing or by a notary.
Next is the design of the notarial purchase agreement sale and delivery-acceptance certificate.
all.Buyers can register ownership.
you can sell cottage and not issued a certificate of ownership of the house and land.To do this, you need to find buyers, to make a written agreement of purchase and sale and write the name of the customer authorization form for further clearance problem.But this option sale can be done if you are willing to sell the cottage for a symbolic price.In all other cases necessary documents of ownership.