you need
  • -pasport all parties involved
  • -pravoustanavlivayuschie documents in the apartment
  • -Certificate ownership
  • -extract of cadastral passport
  • -Resolution of all owners
  • -postanovlenie guardianship authoritiesif among the owners or have prescribed minors, incapable or partially capable persons
  • -spravka that all written
  • -extract account
  • -notarialnoe registration deposit
  • -dogovor the sales
  • -Getting the entire amount of theapartment
  • -akt reception and transmission
  • -kvitantsiya payment of state duty
  • Registering ownership of buyers
If you are going to sell the apartment, with
out resorting to intermediaries, then you need to knowall the details of paperwork, searching buyers, and most importantly the transfer of money for the sold apartment.
to execute documents on the sale of apartments , should contact the BTI, call the clerk and update technical documents, because the need to extract from the cadastral passport.Once you do an update, take an extract from the cadastral passport for sale.
also need notarized permission from all owners of apartments for sale (article 244 of the Civil Code) and the wife (article 256 para. Of the Civil Code and Article 34 of the RF IC to claim 1).
See all owners of a notary public notary and complete resolution.If the apartment are minors, incapable or partially capable of owners, the sale of need to notify the guardianship authorities, obtain an order for sale (Article 29, 29 of the Civil Code).Parents or legal representatives of minors, incapable or partially capable of owners must give notarized authorization to sell only after receiving the decision of the guardianship authorities.
Write down all registered with the housing and take a certificate stating that all discharged.If the apartment registered minors, incapable or partially capable person, the report on the discharge guardianship authorities and get a ruling on the discharge resolution (Article 292 of chapter 18).If this is not done, the extract may recognize illegal in court and reinstated the registration (Article 2965, 3075 of the Civil Code).In this case, buyers can apply for you in court and admit sale transaction as invalid because of questionable purity of the transaction.
After collecting all documents enjoy a promotional company about selling .For personal safety, do not specify the address of the apartments sold , and let advertising phone numbers for communication.Appointments with the buyers for inspection apartment when you could be someone else.Let strangers under the guise of customers is very dangerous, being in the apartment alone.
Once buyers have found, just take a deposit and register it at the notary.In accordance with the new rules of law, the contract as a preliminary and basic can be concluded in writing.But it should be guided by Article 421, 420, 432, 317, 555 of the Civil Code.And if you are not particularly versed in the laws entrust execution of the contract to the notary, who has a law degree and experience.
Next is the registration of a notarial contract of sale.Immediately after signing the contract for the apartment take the rest of the amount.Money is necessary to take non-cash in the bank, processing a transfer from the buyer's account to your account.If you want to receive an amount in cash, the rent deposit box, invite witnesses and witnesses take the payment for an apartment, count and immediately put into the account or deposit box.The most dangerous option when sale is the situation when the cash received and are in the hands of the seller.Or when the documents are drawn up, and the calculation of the rent has not been received.So beware!
only after receipt of the entire amount of calculation Make act of reception and transmission and registration of property rights to customers.