you need
  • - Passport parties to the transaction of sale and purchase of real estate;
  • - a document confirming the ownership of the seller on the alienated object;
  • - receipt of registration fee and registration certificate of ownership - in the name of the seller and buyer;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - notarized power of attorney for the commission of acts of sale and purchase of housing, specified in the documents of the property;
  • - the act of transfer of real estate, signed by both parties;
  • - cadastral passport to the property;
  • - a copy of the financial account selling real estate;
  • - other documents established by the legislation.
First, check the purchased property on the so-called legal clarity.An examination of his t
itle and pravopodtverzhdayuschih documents.Make sure that no arrests, bans and other bidders on the property (for example, persons who have the right to stay in the life of the living space) and other restrictions on property purchased by you.Require a certificate of no debt on utility bills.At this stage, as a rule, a preliminary contract purchase sale of this property and the agreement on the deposit (or advance).
Make and sign a contract for the sale-purchase of real estate.This is the most important and crucial stage of the transaction.The contract is made in two or more copies (depending on the number of participants in the transaction).The material terms of the transaction sale and purchase of real estate considered his subject, and price.Subject of the contract - is the object of purchase or selling real estate.It is important to clearly specify the data characterizing the object (cadastral passport, address, area, etc.).Remember that the form of the contract must be clearly observed.If you will be noticed even the slightest flaws and inaccuracies, the contract will be considered invalid.
final stage of the transaction on registration purchase and sale estate - its registration in the bodies of the Federal Registration Service (FRS).Come ye to the local division of the Federal Reserve (the location of the property) and write the application for registration of the transaction, and attach the necessary documents specified Law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with him."On average, the registration procedure takes about a month.On a certain day the buyer receives a long-awaited certificate of ownership of the purchased property and the seller issued a document confirming the transfer of ownership of it to another person.