Give advertise the sale of apartments in the media: newspapers, on television, on websites of real estate.Think about what you can write in the declaration that it was not lost among the thousands of exactly the same.
Inform neighbors and colleagues that sell the apartment.They can help find a buyer among their friends and relatives.And absolutely for free.
Stick ads on special boards, stops and poles.They are still read.Keep in mind that these ads have to be updated frequently, asThey destroy their wipers and vigilant grandmother activists.
Hang bright poster on the sale of the apartment window.This is especially true if the apartment is on a high floor.Among the bystanders may be future customers.
Write ads in the back window of the car.The ad should be concise and clearly visible.Otherwise, while driving simply do not have time to read the drivers concerned.
voiced by the sale of an apartment wherever yourself: in a sports club, meeting classmates, on the anniversary of a distant relative.Do not start with this conversation, it is better to mention the word, as if by chance.
Spread leaflets advertise the sale of apartments in the mailboxes of the houses in your neighborhood.Leave the same folks from the chairmen of HOA, ask them to help.Typically, it costs no more than a box of chocolates.
Sign in local urban forums.They are columns devoted to buying and selling real estate.Make an announcement on their pages on social networks.
Contact the real estate agency.Do not go into the first.Well researched documents, reviews of this agency, working conditions.Not all agencies are equally good and safe.
Refer to a private realtor.Among the community's private realtors more professionals in their field than in the agencies.After all, the realtor is working only for themselves.His interests as soon as possible and more expensive to sell your apartment.