your chances to return pledge for apartment high enough, if from a legal point of view a preliminary agreement you made in writing and the deposit made as a private person to an individual in a small amount.For example, the advance does not exceed one or two thousand dollars.Most citizens do not believe that for such a sum is to go to the court hearing.Typically, sellers agree to come back to take the money, especially if we are talking about the return of the amount, to still compensate for their time spent on you.Call, search for a compromise.
If you are given an advance payment to an individual, certify that the notary, the same advice is appropria
te.Call the seller, try to form a trust to explain your problem.If the seller has entered your position, the appointments have the same notary who designed the preliminary contract.Sign the termination of the contract, but requires the seller to return all in exchange for a receipt.Award for his opponent remains at your discretion.
you have made a preliminary on bail estate company.The scheme is simple enough: your down payment will be equal to or greater than the commission that already included in the price of the apartment.Thus, the realtors are insured against non-payment of its services.The commission is equivalent to the percentage of a large sum of Realtors, to give that kind of money no one is interested.Try to discuss the problem with the manager of the firm.Very rarely did the cases that managerial staff is to meet the client's office.If you have more than a few thousand dollars, it is better to turn to lawyers.Often firm, gaining staff prefers enterprising and energetic candidate, not his education.You have a high chance that the realtor was agreement illiterate.Let your lawyer examine the contract.If a lawyer finds a caveat though, is to get the opponents of the settlement agreement will be easy.They are afraid that if you win, will have to return the full amount of your pledge but to pay attorney's fees, to pay you damages.