you need
  • - a standard set of documents to the apartment;
  • - passports seller and buyer;
  • - notary services.
Before making any deal with the inherited property, you must officially join the right of inheritance.To do this, contact a notary at the place of residence of the deceased testator and make a hereditary thing.
This is a very cumbersome procedure that deserves a separate description.We can say that the notary will have to visit at least three times and collect a very large number of documents confirming the fact of death, place of residence of the deceased, your relationship and characterizing his property.
On successful completion of all th
e formalities necessary to officially register their ownership of the apartment .To do this, contact the Rosreestr a document confirming the fact of inheritance apartments, a copy of the passport application form and receipt of payment of state duty and on time to pick up a certificate of ownership.
Only with this document can be registered in the apartment of the residence or stay and what to do with it whatsoever transaction.
In the future, if you want to sell a house, you can act according to the standard technology: contact the real estate agency or to conduct an independent search for a buyer, placing ads in newspapers and on specialized sites, arranging viewings, discussing terms of the transaction, showing documentshousing and answering questions.
When the buyer found, assign to him the date of sale, to discuss conditions for the transfer of money and together visit the notary to process the transaction.
Many people mistakenly believe that the sales tax on apartments obtained legacy , should not be paid, even if it was owned by the heir to less than 3 years.Unfortunately, it is not.Indeed
canceled tax, which previously had to pay after making the inherited property in the property.But its sale, which takes place at the end of this formality - is a transaction, and any exceptions to the grounds on which the apartment became the property of the seller, not provided.
So it makes sense to think, is not it better to wait for three years after the entry into property rights.