Tip 1: How to calculate the value of the share

The easiest way to count share seems to make it proportional to the total market value of the apartment, if that is 3 million. P., And in the ownership share of 1/3, hence, the price of 1 million. But in practice, that kind of money you can expectonly the sale of the entire object.In other cases, the price will be much less.
you need
  • - monitoring of similar proposals in the property market in their region;
  • - expert advice on real estate.
If the apartment is sold with the general consent of the owners as a whole, an option to divide between them the proceeds less costs associated with the preparation and execution of the transaction, in proportion to each and distributed in the same way the sum mentioned expensesIt seems to be the fairest.
If the share is sold, especially not isolated in nature, many of the factors that increase the cost separate housing, completely lose their value.For buyers who want the area to stay, more preferably is a room in a communal apartment or a d
orm.The share is usually only required for registration at the place of residence or stay, and for buyers of such a plan is set only one parameter - price.
It is clear that no one buyer will not refuse if he will give a stake in the property for free, or even better - a surcharge.But the transaction of such a plan is possible only in dreams.Even in this segment has a demand and the offer, so the laws of the market work in full force.
to roughly represent what you need to expect is to explore similar and comparable offer in the print media and on the Internet.This will help you understand the scope of exemplary as asking for such plan living space and sellers as buyers are willing to pay.It should be understood that the person giving the announcement of the sale expects to receive for their property as much as possible, and the buyer - to give for her less.But this is not guaranteed to neither the other, so that price expectations are subject to correction.
More light shed on the situation of the real estate consulting agency (preferably a few).It's for you or not binding, and for the service agency, as a rule, do not take money.Also, unless you ureguliruete issue with pre-emptive rights holders (other owners of shares that you have to make an offer for the sale and within a month wait for a response - and so at every price fall), to seek a buyer you no one will.But with respect to the amount by which you should expect is likely to enlighten.

Tip 2: How to calculate the proportion of sales

Calculation of efficiency of production is carried out to assess the course of business.In particular, the calculated profit from sales and its share in the proceeds from the sale (ie, profitability) and identifies the factors that influenced its value.
How is the share of sales
Determine operating profit organization for the required period.To do this, the proceeds from the sale of goods, works and services (without VAT, excise duties and other payments), subtract the amount of cost of sales (excluding commercial and administrative expenses).Take the data for the analysis of the financial statements of the company.The amount of revenue from product sales (excluding taxes) recorded in line 010 "Profit and Loss", and the cost - in line 020.
Calculate share of sales revenue.It is calculated very simply: share calculated the amount of profit on revenues from sales of products, works and services.The resulting figure is called the return on sales.It reflects the company's earnings per ruble earned.
A comparative analysis of the profitability of sales by calculating the coefficients for the previous period, for the same period last year, and planned revenues and costs.Identify the factors that affect profitability.The main concern sales, the range of products sold, its production costs and selling price.For comparison, using periods of equal duration.
Determine the impact of sales profit, this profit of the previous period, multiply the change in sales for the period under review.
Calculate the profit of the analyzed period on the basis of prices and the cost of the previous period, and the profit of the previous period - based on changes in sales volume.To determine the impact of the range of sales profit margin, compare the figures.
To determine the effect of changes in the cost of profit, compare the cost of sales of the analyzed period to the cost of the previous period, calculated for the change in volume sales.
Match sales of the analyzed period, expressed in prices of the previous period and analyzed to determine the impact of sales prices of products, works and services to changes in income.The initial data and calculations presented in the form of the table.