you need
  • - a statement in FUGRTS;
  • - a statement to the tax office;
  • - application to the Federal Migration Service;
  • - application to the BTI
  • - a statement in the housing department.
to find the owner of the premises, contact the Federal Office of the State registration center.Request a statement from the State Register, containing all the information about the owner of the property after the registration of property rights.
All information is provided on a fee basis, so you have to pay the state fee.You also need to complete an application, submit a regular passport.
After a few days you
will receive an extract from the Unified State Register, which will be shown information on all owners, who have ever registered their right to the room you are interested in.
after the state registration of all the information about the change of ownership are transferred to the tax office.This is done by employees of the registration center within 10 days from the date of registration.You can apply to the district tax office and try to get information about the owner of your room.
At best, the tax will be given information about the name, since all taxpayer information is public information and will not be disclosed unless there is a court order.
But even this will be enough, as having information about the name of the owner, you will be able to apply to the Federal Migration Service, to write a letter indicating the reasons that led you to find the specified person.If the reason is valid, you will get the address to which the citizen is registered.At the same time you have to present a regular passport.
After the registration of the property rights of any owner must contact the BTI, to make changes to the inventory and technical documents.To do this, the owner shall present a passport, a certificate of ownership of the premises obtained after registration FUGRTS.BTI makes changes to all documents, but you can only get the information at the request of a notary or court order.If you have these documents, you can easily get all the information.
Any room is in the building, which has a balance holder.To find information about the owner, contact the Housing Authority which is balansoderzhatelem.Write a statement, present your passport.If the reason for the search to be valid, you can get information about the owner of the premises.