first difficult choices faced by the buyer - it is the purchase of an apartment in a newly built or have already finished the house.Unfinished property usually sells itself builder, although not as rare cases of sale through real estate agencies.Buying an apartment in a newly built house in the hands of the buyer shall remain the contract of share participation in construction.If the apartment is already resold, the contract to the equity must be signed cession agreement on share participation in construction.And must necessarily be documents confirming the funds.Contract the equity and the contract cession subject to state registration, except in cases provided by the legi
slation of the Russian Federation.
If the buyer acquires facility to be commissioned real estate, after the transaction and registration of the contract in accordance with the law, the buyer must remain on hand the following documents: a contract of sale of an apartment;the act of reception and transmission apartments;certificate of ownership issued by the registration authority in the name of the buyer;technical and cadastral certificates for the acquisition of real estate;a copy of the consent of the spouse of the seller (if any);a receipt from the seller to receive cash flows from the sales contract.If the apartment was sold under power of attorney, it is desirable to keep the copy of the power of attorney.
choosing an apartment, it is important not only to determine the choice of housing, but also carefully examine the pre-sale documents to the property.The seller must provide the title documents and pravopodtverzhdayuschie documents such as a contract of sale, donation, documents on privatization, certificate of ownership, technical and cadastral passport, extract from the State Register of Rights.If the apartment is registered children, the consent of the guardianship authorities, consent of the spouse to sell the apartment, certificates confirming the absence of municipal debt, Russian passport issued in the name of the seller.The buyer, going to the transaction must have: cash;Russian passport;notarized consent of the spouse for the purchase of apartments;marriage certificate;if the buyer is not the age of 14, the birth certificate.