Resale apartments - business is not for everyone.After all, it can only start with a good start-up capital.In addition, due to the fact that the fraud in the construction industry is quite common, you should always be prepared to take risks.Experts say that if you organize everything properly and think through all the details, resale apartments can be an excellent option earnings.
rentier usually are those who already have their own apartment to stay.It is problematic, shooting angle, roll spend millions.

How to organize the business of resale flats

There are several different ways to become a successful investor.The easiest and most obvious option - the purchase of apartments on the stage of the beginning of
the construction of the house, around the time when I started to dig a pit.At this time, it can be purchased at a fairly low price good by the meter apartment.Next will only have to wait for the completion of construction, and an apartment can be successfully re-sell at a price of 2, or even 3 times more than was originally paid for it.
Of course, this option is only suitable for the person who has the money available for housing.In this case, the options with a mortgage will not fit - sell such properties will be difficult.

However, in this embodiment, is taken into account the risks, because there are cases when the box was ready, but the connection to the communication delayed.In this case too it is possible to sell the apartment, but getting the price at which you would expect, it is hardly necessary.

Alternatively, you can buy an apartment in the secondary housing.Yes, it will cost more than a new building under construction.But if you invest in it more money to repair and make it habitable, you can get it with their dividends.
Often, buyers choose an apartment in disrepair, then brought it to order and sell for much more money.However, it should be borne in mind that the alarm should be flat rather than a house.

Earn possible and urgent purchase of apartments.For example, if someone urgently for various reasons, need to sell their homes, it will not be too much haggle.A professional in the field of residential real estate in preprodazh can beat the heat for himself even a discount.And then will just sell the apartment at a price that will suit just you.

Another way - the gradual acquisition of rooms in a communal apartment.Such a method is good that you can turn to buy the room and get an apartment at a price far below the market average.After room individually cost less than the entire living space.

However, it should be understood that this method is quite long and complex, and to carry out such operations better with an experienced realtor.

What should be taken into account

those who want to start a business on the resale of apartments is necessary to consider what is best and go odnushki kopeck piece.But at the apartments with a large number of rooms to make more difficult.Their cost in comparison with the one-bedroom is not much higher, but those who wish to find a little mansion.

In addition, it is necessary to put in your budget and service realtor.Let it take you 3-5% of the profits, but you can be sure that you are not deceived.Yes, and there is no extra help.

In addition, it is necessary to target the expectation - sometimes to sell the apartment to wait from a few months to several years.

As an option, you can not build a business on the resale and for rental apartments.Hand over your existing property, and you pretty quickly discourage their costs.