you need
  • -pasport (for all participants in the transaction)
  • -rule place the document on land
  • -kadastrovy passport land
  • -notarialno certified permission from the owners of the site
  • -kvitantsiyu of payment of theregistration fee
When making area it needs technical passport.In order for this passport you have made, call the surveyors from the organization of Land Management.These organizations operate on a commercial basis.You will have boundary and delimitation, surveying, measuring actual dimensions area .Once you get the work produced technical documents on the site.These documents need to contact the registration center land cadastre and cartography.You will be given cadastral pas
sport area with assignment of cadastral numbers.
Taking cadastral passport, documents on the site are available, please contact the center for state registration of real estate registration.On the basis of the documents submitted, you will receive a certificate of ownership of land.After receiving this document, you can make the transaction of sale and purchase of a land plot .
If on the land are lawful owners apart from you, they must be a written agreement for the transaction of purchase and sale area .All owners must personally appear before the notary for drawing up permits.The document is, and notarized.
issue and collected all the necessary documents, together with customers, contact the notary office of the district, in whose territory the land is located.The notary will be the document of sale area .
On the basis of all the documents in the public registration center, registration of real estate on the site will be given a certificate of the right to ownership of those who purchased the land.