you need
  • - the newspaper "Kommersant"
  • - digital signature
  • - accreditation for the electronic trading platforms
  • - computer connected to the Internet
  • - a little bit of money and free time
Announcement of the estate in bankruptcy proceedings are published each Saturday issue of the newspaper "Kommersant".Also all the classified ads of real estate in the bankruptcy proceedings can be found on the official website of the Federal Register of information about bankruptcy - about the objects bid for bankruptcy is also on numerous electronic sites where trades are conducted themselves.Here's a list of the most popular electronic platforms for trading in bankruptcy proceedings: uTende
r, Fabrikant, B2B-Center, Russian Auction House, Property Trade, Electronic Tender System property Baltic electronic platform, inter-regional trade system, Electronic Center implementation Interregional Electronic Trading SystemSiberian marketplace, Sberbank AST.
Before buying the selected property must obtain a digital signature, register on the relevant electronic trading platform, to prepare a package of documents for participation in the auction.
For digital signatures need to contact the certification authority.It is better to buy one key digital signature on all the leading electronic trading platforms.This can be done in the following certifying centers:,,,, of receipt of electronic digital signature can take up to 5 days or more.Digital signature looks and is used as a flash drive.
After receiving digital signatures need to be registered and accredited by each electronic platform.Accreditation on an electronic platform for trading may take several days.Accreditation involves the direction of the documents in e-court.Go to the websites of relevant electronic platforms.
After passing the accreditation needed to prepare an application and other documents for the tender.Carefully read the publication of the bid, please read the requirements for the application and the package of documents, examine the rules of an electronic platform.Many errors allowed during the formation of a package of documents and registration of the application, so be careful as possible.
organizer of the auction, the prescribed deposit.Scan document on payment of the deposit should be provided together with the application for participation in the auction.
apply for and download all the necessary documents on the electronic platform.And your status will change to the status of "Order accepted".
All bids are conducted in three phases: the first auction, re-auction, bids by public offering.
In the first auction winner admits the one who offered the highest price.Prices at this stage of trades are on the rise.Each participant raises the price of it to the desired level.Regulation of trading describes all the conditions of first trades, the regulations open for public inspection.At this stage, the price of the object is highest.
Repeated trades are executed if the first auction are not recognized as valid.Here, the winner is recognized as the one who offered the highest price for the object.At this stage, trading price of the property is reduced by 10% of the initial value at the first auction.Rebidding procedure similar to the procedure of the first auction.At this stage, the price of the object is reduced to a negligible level (10%).
object sale by public offer is declared when the object was not purchased during the first and the second auction.Feature trades through the public offer is that the cost price of the object goes to the lowering of every set period of time.Lowest price on the subject at this stage of trading.From practice there are many cases where, for example, the building of the real market value of 21 million rubles, sold for 4 million rubles.In fact, all the property of a bankrupt can be bought for a song at the stage of trades through the public offer.At this stage, the most interesting trading prices for sold items.
If you won the bid, you are obliged to conclude a sales contract within 5 days and pay the cost of the project within 30 days.If you won the bid, and refused to sign the contract and pay the amount for the purchased object, in this case, the auction will be declared void and your deposit you no return.If you did not win the auction, you will return the deposit in full.