you need
  • - a package of documents for registration of property rights;
  • - contract;
  • - the act of reception and transmission;
  • - passport;
  • - a statement in FUGRTS;
  • - receipt of registration.
If you are going to purchase real estate without intermediaries, first read all the documents that have your dealer.That the seller is obliged to prepare all the necessary documents for the transaction and its registration FUGRTS.
The seller of real estate should have a certificate of title to the property being sold, an excerpt from the cadastral passport, a copy of the cadastral map, an extract from the house register and account, nota
ry approval for sale of all co-owners of property.Be sure to check your passport.If the property is being sold by a notary authorized person, contact a notary's office and ask for information about the authenticity of notarial power of attorney.
Pay attention to a very important point.If among the owners of the property were incapable, partially capable or underage citizens have to have the decision of the guardianship authorities to allow the sale.This applies to the alienation of premises.
Only when you checked all the documents, go directly to the deal.The deal - this is the conclusion of the purchase contract, registration of transfer and acceptance certificate and registration of property rights to you in FUGRTS.
contract of sale you make in the notary's office, where the practice of a notary with a legal background will take into account all the nuances of the current legislation at the time of registration of the contract and check the capacity of all persons involved in the transaction.
Russian legislation does not prevent to conclude a sales contract in writing, but you should be familiar with all aspects of the current legislation to deal not subsequently declared illegal.
After signing the contract, make a delivery-acceptance certificate, which provide all the technical parameters of the property at the time of its transfer from the seller to the buyer.
final stage of the transaction - this is her registration FUGRTS.Write an application, present all the documents for real estate and photocopies, passport, a receipt for the registration.