you need
  • -dogovor the sales
  • -svideteli
  • -notarialnaya attorney
If you do not want to design documents unplanned construction,buyers will find something very difficult.And if they even exist, to sell the house can only be for a symbolic price.
So better to issue the documents.This can be done through a real estate agency and pay them for their services only after the sale of the house.If you are and do not want to do this, look for buyers of their own.Once you find them, is a contract of sale in writing, written by hand, with the conditions of the transaction and the amount of money taken for construction.This sh
ould be present as a witness by the seller and by the buyer, and put their signatures under the agreement.
draw on the power of attorney for the buyers the right to dispose of property and sign documents on your behalf.
Then buyers can go one of two ways - to entrust the design of the house real estate agency, or do it yourself.
You will need to register the land, to make the technical documentation and cadastral passport to the structure.Having collected all the documents to register their property rights.
If a design house or plot of land there are any problems, you should go to court.In some cases, the illegal structure fails to issue only through the courts, in other cases - fails to issue any ways.
If the house issue fails, some buyers return the money given for the house through the courts as a contract, written by hand, is valid for the refund, but only for three yearsfrom the moment of signing.
Therefore, both the seller and the buyer should think twice before buying or selling a house without documents .