concept of floor space for the Housing Code

Housing Code of the Russian Federation the concept of total area includes the total amount of all the rooms and a part of the premises, including facilities auxiliary facilities intended for home and other human needs.It could be the kitchen, corridors, staircases, bathrooms and others.Loggias, balconies, terraces are not applicable.In order to determine their areas of instruction are used to hold account of the housing Fund.Therefore, in the documents TIB in the amount of housing area contains general information, including the balconies, loggias, verandas, etc.For private houses in total living area does not include a cellar, basement, porch, attic, etc.The total area also includes protruding elements such as an oven or a portico.

Features calculate floor space

living area is calculated as the sum of the areas of all habitable rooms.Utility and auxiliary facilities such as the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, balcony to the living area does not include.For a more accurate calculation of the floor area must take into account its design features, for example, determine the identity niches, with a height of more than two meters of doorways in the form of arches, the floor under the stairs.Area attic floors should be calculated taking into account the design space, based on the angle of the roof.

How to measure the living area of ​​the house

To measure area, measure the length and width of the walls in each room.This is done using tape measures, and best use of the building, asit is long enough and perfectly holds a straight line.All measurements were exactly along the walls.It will be convenient to remove all superfluous, to free up space at the wall and then attach tape measure along the baseboard.Measure should be in a straight line, tape measure should rest freely, no need to pull it strongly.Record all obtained with the obligatory indication of the size of the room, to which they belong.Likewise measure all other areas, just by fixing the measurement results.

When measuring the rooms are finished and everything is written, you can start computing.Area calculated by the formula: D (length) x W (width) = P (square).All results and write down the area marked by a different rooms.This will help you not to repeat the job in the future.Now add up all the results obtained for each area of ​​the room - it will be a total living area of ​​your home or apartment.