Tip 1: How to evaluate a home

When an objective assessment of the real estate value of the property is the first problem.Not knowing the real value of the apartment or house , there is a risk to sell it for nothing.Or vice versa - to inflate the value of the property, thereby otpugnuv potential buyers.So be sure to calculate the real cost of the project before selling.
You can try to estimate the cost of housing themselves.Learn the real estate magazines and compare your home with examples given in the magazines.This is a rather rough way to assess, as objectively evaluate their own homes rather difficult - its properties always seem better than it actually is.
second way - to apply to the Agency for the Evaluation of real estate.The expert can go to your house or to give advice over the phone.Of course, if the realtor will come to inspect the house , will be able to give you the most objective calculation.On the phone, the object estimate is virtually impossible - most likely you will call only the avera
ge price of similar properties in your area, and this figure can not be considered the real value of your home.
Regardless of whether you contact the professionals for real estate appraisal or decide to calculate the price home yourself, you need to know what factors affect the price of the nedvizhimosti.Vo First, the legal parameters.If a house or an apartment no one registered, the cost of housing will be priced higher.
privatized apartments will cost more privatized.In addition, it is better if the ownership of the apartment is not passed from one person to another, and the third a few times.
are also important technical parameters.
Everywhere, but especially in large cities, the importance played by the location of the object in a given area.Moreover, the price of an apartment or house depends not only on the environment, but on the prestige and infrastructure rayona.Horoshee transport links greatly increase the value of your home .If we talk about Moscow, the apartment, located a 15-minute walk from the subway, will be priced significantly higher than apartments, from which you need to get to the subway road.If you are selling a country house, keep in mind how long it takes and how it can be transport to the city center.
sure to consider the state in which the property is located.It is important to all - the age of the object to the materials from which the house is built.Of course, modern apartment in a monolith building will cost more than the panel Khrushchev in the same area.Status of internal communications, entrance and, of course, the presence or absence of repair in the house or apartment are of great importance in the assessment of your property.

Tip 2: How to assess the value of cottages

There are many cases in life, which is required when the market valuation of the suburban area.The solution of this question is to invite an independent expert.
How to estimate the cost of cottages
you need
  • - documents suburban area.
Under the dacha now mean a country house with an adjacent plot.Since the cottage, as well as flat, and an ordinary house in the city, is a real estate, quite often there is a need to evaluate the cost of the villa.
The most common cases in which such an assessment is needed are:

- any resolution of property disputes;
- buying and selling;
- determine the market value for the establishment of the sum insured;
- garden use as collateral to obtain credit;
- calculation of the size of the state fee during the notary action with real estate.
To assess invite an independent expert to submit the following documents to the country site:

- document on ownership of the buildings on the land plot;
- Help of BTI, including floor plan and explication;
- design and estimate documents on unfinished cottage;
- certificate of ownership to land, cadastral plan.

Then the covenant with him to assess the site.
In most cases the assessment will be conducted from 5 to 8 days, during which the evaluator should arrive at the subject and carry out the following activities:

- explore the country and will gather information about its physical characteristics;
- to analyze the environment cottages and a general analysis of suburban real estate market;
- to select a specific approach to the assessment of the area (cost, income or comparative);
- direct assessment of the cottage as a property;
- draw up a report (legally certified document to provide the notary or other organizations).

The evaluation process consists of at least two separate processes: the valuation of the land and buildings at the site.
factors considered an expert in determining the assessed value of a country site:

- location of the facility and infrastructure of the area, the state of the environment;
- accessibility;
- land area;
- characteristics of the structure (house, cottage) area, state, and so on. Etc .;
- the presence of security, access roads.
due to individual country houses, the comparative method in relation to the suburban areas is less popular than apartments in the evaluation.
Helpful Hint
Expert evaluation of the real value makes it easier to carry out the required actions with the property.