you need
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - floor plan and explication;
  • - passport.
If you do not have these documents, the order to the Bureau of Technical Inventory floor plan, explication for your apartment building .Sale of property is only possible with these documents.This housing must be built not just completely but also officially commissioned.Otherwise apartment can not be sold, can only assign the ownership.
Find a real estate agency, which will represent your interests.They were there a lot, so it is best to focus on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances.Also, you can start selling your own, but you will still need a lawyer to draw up the c
ontract of sale, unless, of course, you are not an expert on the subject.
If you have bought a new building on the mortgage program, and the loan has not yet been repaid, contact the bank that issued it to you.Find out the terms on which you will be able to sell the apartment .In some mortgage programs there is a moratorium on the early repayment of the loan.In this case, you will have to postpone the sale until the expiration of the moratorium.
put a price on apartment .The agency of the real estate agent normally offers its own, and the decision is up to you, whether you fit this amount.Reduce the price, you get the opportunity to quickly sell homes.
find a buyer.Usually, it is engaged in the search agent, but an independent apartment sales, you can place ads in newspapers and on specialist websites.
finding the right person and agreed with him about the price, he concluded a contract for the sale of housing.He must be prepared properly from a legal point of view, it should include all financial payments.
clients of mortgage programs will need to contact the bank with the contract of sale and pay the remainder of the loan amount.After the closure of the loan will be removed from the apartment encumbrance, and you will be able to register the contract in a special state body - the Federal Registration Service.To do this, you will need to pay the fee.