Tip 1: How to evaluate a garage

Estimated cost garage required for the transaction of sale and purchase, donation, when placing insurance collateral for mortgage loans, the opening of the inheritance, the division of property between spouses or co-owners.To get information on the cadastral value, you must contact the BTI.The market value determined by independent appraisers, state licensed.
you need
  • - passport;
  • - documents of title to the garage and a plot of land;
  • - application;
  • - Receipt of state duty;
  • - certificate of the cadastral value;
  • - cadastral extracts;
  • - technical passport.
To assess garage contact the BTI.If your garage is in the cadastre is cadastral passport, certificate of appraised value will be given on the basis of cadastral documents.If the validity of the cadastral passport expired or you did not apply the BTI for its registration, apply for the call engineer inventories that examine the garage and on this basis will issue or renew a passport and make the cadastral cadastral plan.
Present in BTI documents of title to the garage and a plot of land, a national passport, pay the state fee for registration or renewal of cadastral documents.Information about the cadastral value garage , received the BTI is adopted in all official institutions in the event of any dispute over the division of property, inheritance registration, pledge, upon arrest or seizure of property.
at a cadastral estimation garage take into account the materials from which it is made, year of construction, the technical condition of the presence or absence of ownership of a garage and a plot of land, market prices in the region and the degree of infrastructure development areas.
To get information on the appraised value of the independent garage , which largely determines its market value, contact the independent agency for real estate evaluation.
Present documents of title to the garage and a plot of land, a passport, a certificate of the cadastral value, resulting in the BTI, an extract from the cadastral passport, a copy of the cadastral plan, technical passport application.In a statement, specify the purpose of the independent evaluation.
On the basis of the submitted documents, inspection garage , you will be given a certificate of the market value.According to the appraised value of independent experts can you name the buyers the sale price.
FAQ independent evaluation garage you can attach to the certificate of the cadastral value in any legal proceedings on the arrest or the division of property.

Tip 2: How to determine the market value of the garage

Valuation garage you will need in the event of the contract of sale, putting it in rent, assessment of inheritance.And if you plan to take a loan for real estate or make a garage in the authorized capital of the organization, whose founder is.
How to determine the market value of the garage
In assessing value in garages currently used three approaches - the income, cost and comparative.The average result, profitable for the buyer and seller, is achieved when all of these methods are used at the same time complement each other.
On the basis of the comparative method you explore the parameters of supply and demand for similar garage meters on the market.Ieif the market value of the average garage , similar to yours, have a limit, you can not sell it, lay it above this value.This should be considered a relatively level playing field, such as: place of construction, distance from the residential area, the year of commissioning, used in construction materials, etc.
when the yield method is considered your garage as an object of income.For example, it can be rented out.Ieyou need to calculate how much rent will bring the garage for a year, and which at the same time costs will be incurred.Difficulties may arise in determining the rents and its rate of increase, so this method is not desirable to use.
cost method If you need to take into account all costs incurred for the purchase of land for the construction of the garage and, or similar properties.In this case it can be formally taken into account only the cost of construction of the garage , becausethe purchase of land and its evaluation rather laborious process.Consider cost of materials and services for construction and decoration.But then the fact of the location of your garage remain unaccounted for, and it is important.
Important factors that should be considered when determining the market price: the size of the building, the area where it is located, the availability of heating, water, electricity, materials used in construction.
Helpful Hint
real estate evaluation engaged independent appraisers and specialized agencies.They have extensive experience in assessing the garages and other buildings for any purpose.Banks also hire them, if you intend to take a pledge of real estate.
Purchase and sale of garage: what you should pay attention.Every car enthusiast who values ​​his "iron horse", seeking to build or buy a garage.However, your purchase of the garage - a serious matter.Even the most seemingly minor nuances that can create a lot of trouble, especially if you purchase a garage at people totally unknown to you.An important document is the cadastral passport garage.
  • cadastral passport to get on a garage