you need
  • - passport of the seller;
  • - Identification Code (local analogue of the Russian TIN) of the seller;
  • - confirmation of ownership of the object (privatization certificate, a document of inheritance, deed of gift, barter agreement, the lifelong maintenance, the decision of the court or otherwise).Proof of ownership must be certified by a notary and registered in the BTI (BTI confirmed by stamp on the certificate or in a separate document);
  • - a document from the BTI, called vytyagom (in Russian - extraction), the former name - Help-characteristic of the apartment.The document must contain: the name of the legal entity or the name of the person to whom it was issued, address
    and registration number of the apartments, information about the owners of the apartment and the documents confirming the ownership of each, the participation of each co-owner in the common ownership of the apartment, total and living area of ​​the apartment,number of rooms, or the carrying value of inventory of the apartment.The document is valid for three months from the date of issue;
  • - Form №3 of the housing department about who is registered in the apartment;
  • - certificate of absence of a ban on the sale of an object (issued by a notary when you make the transaction);
  • - notarized consent of the spouse to sell, if the owner is married;
  • - the presence among the owners of minors or persons with disabilities - the resolution of the guardianship;
  • - Help from the housing department about absence of debts on public services, electricity, and others.
Before you put your offer on the market, you should carefully examine the situation.Useful to be as independent monitoring of supply and demand for similar options, and consulting in real estate office.
the study of the price situation, note that the amount announced in the ads are just the wishes of sellers and buyers are not giving any guarantee that the transaction will take place at the price they want.Communication with the realtors will provide a more or less objective picture.Nothing prevents you to set the price and a little more than that for which really willing to give up their homes.
Be prepared for the calls on your ad, purpose and organization views.Try to store valuables outside the apartment: in the guise of a buyer in your home can penetrate and dishonest people whose sole purpose - discreetly attach to the legs, that is bad.
Separately be said about bargaining.You can be sure that the vast majority of potential buyers will try to hook or by crook to make a purchase at a price lower than the maximum you requested.Here you have to stand firm and demonstrate a willingness to immediately refuse the insolvent buyer as soon as he begins to openly impudent.
This point is relevant for all countries, but especially for Ukraine.
If you reach an agreement, not remove the housing from the market until you get a deposit and does not stipulate the conditions under which it may not be returned to the buyer in case of failure of the transaction.Another guarantee that the buyer does not continue to search for more lucrative options, you do not.
the preparation of documents for the sale starts in parallel with the search for a buyer.Remember that their production takes time, and the validity of each to the same limited.
When all the documents you have on hand, and the buyer agreed, subject to conditions of the transaction, the order of handing you money, and you - the property at the disposal of the new owner and the appointed day to process the deal at the notary.