you need
  • - certificate of state registration at the facility under construction;
  • - construction contract;
  • - technical passport of the object under construction;
  • - project approved by the architect;
  • - document proving your identity (passport).
Before selling perform professional assessment of the value of the object.To do this, hiring a specialized organization with a license for the assessment of real estate.Note that for the sale of state and municipal facilities construction unfinished preliminary assessment is required.
for sale unfinished, you have to be the rightful owner, ie to have a certificate of state registration of the object.Registration gives you two advantages - firstly, you become the legal owner of assets under construction, and secon
dly, it is officially recognized as the object of immovable property.
state registration of the property spend on its location in the territorial authority.To register, submit a full set of documents and the application for registration.
After registration of ownership of your real estate, you can sell, exchange or take with respect to it, any other transaction.
For sale unfinished post an ad in the local media or contact the real estate agency.Finding a buyer to sign him a contract of sale in writing.Attach to the contract transfer certificate and documents on the project of construction in progress (estimated design and estimate documentation, documents BTI, and so on. D.).Do not forget to describe in detail the object of sale (select or conditional cadastral number, address, and unfinished area, etc.), or contract of sale may recognize concluded.After signing the contract, register the transfer of ownership in the relevant state bodies.
If you do not have time to deal with the registration erected in your area of ​​buildings in the Bureau of Technical Inventory and the Unified Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with them, sell the section itself, just charge up to him and without advertising unfinished.The new owner then registers the right to built their buildings.