you need
  • - certificate of state registration of ownership of the apartment;
  • - Help BTI;
  • - an extract from the house register;
  • - Help-a report on the cost of the apartment (only for buying mortgage);
  • - marketing authorization by the guardianship authority (only if the apartment is owned by a minor);
  • - consent of the spouse to sell the apartment, if that was acquired during the marriage;
  • - help from substance abuse and mental hospital (optional);
  • - certificate of no debt on utility bills.
Certificate of state registration of ownership of an apartment or other title document must be in your hands by default.Without such papers you do not register in the apartment owned by you, you will not talk to you without i
t when you try to sell or exchange housing.
If this document for some reason did not receive or lost, Take care to obtain its original or a duplicate.
Certificate of state registration of ownership of the housing is made in the territorial division Rosreestra location apartments .
For registration certificates BTI contact the organization at the location of the apartment .The service is a paid for it.
question regarding the cost of registration certificate of the cost apartments for sale it mortgage discuss with the buyer.Appraisal company must be accredited in the bank where he's going to take the credit.
This appraiser will have to invite you as the current owner.Ready
report need to pick up and take to the bank and the insurance company.
If the number of owners apartment includes a child, sale is impossible without the permission to deal from the guardianship authorities.So we'll arrange it.This is a complex and cumbersome procedure often requires the presence of both parents or of other legal representatives.Home is your goal - to document the officials that after the sale child will not suffer and will have no share in the ownership of a smaller area and lower quality than to sell the apartment.
If a child has been registered in the apartment at the time of privatization and was not among the owners (ie privatization had violated his rights), also require marketing authorization by the guardianship authorities.
Certificates from substance abuse and mental hospital, and the absence of debt for utility payments are not included in the number of required documents, but may be required, and in any case better to take them.
first two are taken at the respective institutions in the same manner as for the reference to the traffic police, and a weapon.Last
- in the management company (ZhEKe).
If the apartment is purchased at a time when the owner is married, she is considered joint property of spouses.Therefore, the husband or wife of the owner must provide notarized consent to the deal.
Most often, this document is drawn up by a notary at the same time with the agreement of purchase and sale .If the spouse is living in another city or country, you can make consent a notary or at Russian consulate and sent by mail.