you need
  • - an application for state registration of land object and deals with it (the form is issued in the territorial department of the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation);
  • - a contract for the sale of the acquired land, signed by the seller and the buyer, in triplicate;
  • - documents of title to the purchased land, registered in a lawful manner;
  • - documents from the garden of the partnership;
  • - a copy of the financial account of the acquired land (if any);
  • - originals and copies of passports of the seller and buyer;
  • - the act of transfer of land, signed by both parties;
  • - cadastral plan of the site;
  • - receipt for payment of state duty (original and copy).
Determine for what purpose you need the land
before buying it.If you plan to move out of the city for permanent residence, looking for sites with already held communications - sewage, electricity, gas pipe.If you only need to put a garden on the weekend, and to build a house you do not want - quite suitable inexpensive land without facilities.
Decide option area and proceed to the choice of a real estate agency.Managers can help you properly execute the necessary contract, find suitable options for land dovezut the place for inspection.Of course, for their services will have to pay.But very often the commission is split in half between the seller and the buyer.Or for all fully paid the owner of the land.Ask for help to the only proven companies that have long been working on the market for sale.Be sure to check the statutory documents and work permits.
agent will study the earth after the conclusion of the contract.Before that discuss interesting parts, and in order to save his and his time.Call the desired area of ​​the placement area, as there must be a hundred, availability of communications, etc.
finding suitable land, be sure to check documents.Ask the site owner to present a passport, certificate of ownership and the cadastral plan.He needed to make sure that no encumbrances.They are passing through the territory of the gas circuit, the area of ​​overhead power lines, a protected area of ​​the water body or shelterbelts, etc.These parameters can serve as stops for the use of allotments.In addition, if there are buildings on the ground, you have the right to request a certificate of right of ownership to them.As well as the receipt of payment of utility bills, if the house is habitable.
Go with the package of documents in the body that carries out state registration of real estate transactions - the Federal Registration Service of the Russian Federation.It has representative offices in each region.Major securities must prepare and present owner of the land.You just need to present a valid national passport and.