appeal to people living in the neighborhood.It is possible that some of them are the coordinates of the owner apartments .Even if they know only the first name and patronymic name of its owner, it's already something.Try to find out where the working people (name of the company or institution).Contact the place of work of the man, but not in the personnel department.It is much easier in these situations to gather some information by talking in a relaxed form with co-workers or security.If you name some colleagues owner apartments says nothing (as it happens), find out in advance by his neighbors as he looks to be able to at least something to start a conversation about it.
Contact the housing department for help on the owner apartments .However, the housing department can provid
e you with only the name.But this information (address and name) you can apply to the Federal Registration Service to find out whether this person is the owner apartments , though, let's say, the seller apartments , who is trying to conclude a deal with you, I assure you that in addition toIt is not the owners.
In FRS, you can learn the names of all owners of apartments over the past 10 years, even if you have on hand, there is only her address.Fill out the request form, which specify the reason for treatment, pay the legal costs in the department of Sberbank and get information about the owner.
information about the owner (if he rents an apartment officially and / or a diligent taxpayer) must be in the local tax office.There you can also get information about who is the owner of the dwelling.But if you are interested in information on how timely you pay taxes on the property, so you can provide information only on request of the court.
information you can provide and the Federal Migration Service, if you know the name of the owner apartments , as it can be registered with a completely different address.