If constructed building with attic ceiling, then to measure the ground part multiply the horizontal area (on the outer side of the building above the ground floor) to the height of the building (on the level of "pure" sex on the firstfloor, up to the top of the attic floor).
In the absence of overlap multiply the area of ​​the vertical cross section of a length to be measured in a direction perpendicular to the cross-sectional area.All measurements were performed at a level above the cap.
Turn the volume of skylights that will advocate for the shape of the roof.Note the volume of porches, bay windows and platforms, as well as those parts which may increase the rate.Loggia are not deducted from the t
otal amount, but do not include driveways, porches and balconies.
Calculate the volume of technical floors and the attic, which are determined by multiplying the horizontal section at the height of the finished floor to the top floors and the attic.If the surface is uneven and there are bends in the structure, as a result makes it difficult to measure, average note.
Determine the volume of the cellar or basement and add it to the rest of the values.If the floors of various sizes, it is necessary to determine the amount of the sum of all its parts.Separately measured the places that other shape or design.
measurements on the outer side take into account the thickness of the plaster and cladding.Building volume is defined as the sum of all the basements, attics, loggias, rooms that are part of the aboveground part of the building.