The transaction can be carried out independently and to involve real estate professionals (lawyers and realtors).The very existence of many owners in an apartment may seem complex and confusing, but the sales process is no different from the usual selling apartments, except pre-emptive right to buy your room with your roommates.The concept of pre-emption is that the owners of the other rooms in a communal flat have the right to buy your first room assigned to you for the price, the violation of pre-emption may lead to invalidation of the transaction.The process of pre-emptive rights of your neighbors is not difficult, but takes time.
defined the sale price of the room, you must specify all the owners an
d find a place of residence of each, then necessary for each person having the right of priority, give written notice of the sale of the room and its cost, and wait for the reaction of neighbors withinone month.If a month from your neighbors do not have a desire to buy your property, then draw up a written waiver of pre-emptive right and look for a buyer for the side.Failure is necessary to issue a notary, this will avoid problems in the future.If your neighbors are repairing an obstacle with the paperwork, the case may go to court and drag on for a long time, so it is better to negotiate with its neighbors.
The rest of the transaction is necessary to prepare the usual documents required for the sale of the apartment: title documents and the right supporting documents on the property (the contract of sale, donation, documents on privatization or the entry into the inheritance certificateownership);technical and cadastral passport, a certificate from the passport of family members;extract from the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property of the absence of encumbrances and restrictions;notarized consent of the spouse, if the property was acquired in a marriage, if the room is registered minor children, it may require the consent of the guardianship authorities in the sale room.
If one neighbor has decided to exercise its pre-emptive right to purchase the room, then you conclude with him a contract of sale to the general procedure.The agreement shall be in writing and shall be subject to obligatory state registration.If several neighbors (owners of neighboring rooms) revealed the desire to buy your room, there will have to negotiate, because otherwise the trial is imminent.