If you sell an apartment was owned by the seller less than three years, after the holidays need to report to the Internal Revenue Service at the registered seller apartments .The deadline for submission of the declaration of income April 1 of this year.
Prepare all necessary documents attached to deklaratsii.- a copy of the first page of the passport and the passport page with a note of registration, - a copy of the assignment of the seller apartments INN - a copy of the contract of sale apartments , - a copy of the certificate of title to the apartment - the original statement of earnings in the form 2NDFL.
Fill in the page declaration on income.Requ
ired pages 001 and 002. Further, should only be completed sections suitable for you.If you work for someone else, please fill out Section 1, "The calculation of the tax base and the amount of tax at the rate of 13%."On the basis of section 1, fill in Section 6. You will receive the amount of tax that you have to pay to the budget.Complete List A "Income from sources in the Russian Federation."
Fill Sheet E. It reflects information on the income from the sale of property.When filling out the declaration is convenient to use the program "Taxpayer".It is enough turn-based tips to help avoid mistakes.Download "taxpayer", please visit the Tax Service.
filling sections declaration sheet Jf1 and subsequent allows you to get a tax deduction and refund of the income tax.If during the year you have been training costs or expensive treatment, in the presence of supporting documents after filling and submission of the declaration to the tax office will return the portion of your bank account you paid during the year of income tax.