For those who are planning to buy an apartment in Sochi today has become a topical issue that whether to do it before the Olympics.All 2013 is rumored that after the Olympic Games will be sold a lot of real estate and everything is cheap.In so cheap that even with the amount of approximately 1,500,000 will be possible to buy a spacious apartment on the beach renovated, overlooking the sea in the district with the developed infrastructure, even in the city center ....?!The first thing to consider when reasoning on this issue - where is "gone" rumors about the incredible sales.During the construction of the Olympic village and the residential area of ​​the Olympic Park it was determined that part of the construction of apartments after the Olympic Games will be distributed to the "waiting list", and the other part will be sold, and since a lot of this property and the price will be junk.But let us talk sensibly, it will be apartment in new modern homes with quality finishes, in
a completely renovated, the house built on the plain, in walking distance to the sea beach, located in a new, modern, re-create a privileged area, which houses the Olympic venues, which invested huge funds of the state and investors.Do you think that those who invest in these facilities, iewho they belong to, they are similar to those of people who before you put similar properties for sale will ignore the price for the same property, determine the value of "his" apartment, they are similar to those who are satisfied with less than the sum of 3,000,000 rubles.?The local media began to appear forecasts estimated price of about 150,000 rubles. / Sq.
Let's talk further.Everyone knows that there is a ban on construction in Sochi in the last few months before the Olympics, during it, and almost to the end of 2014 in connection with a series of public events in the city.It follows that now bought "remnants", iewhat is built, and closer to April, the deficit will begin selling apartments and higher prices, and this is due to the fact no new apartments will be built in the quantities that have contributed to lower prices.Of course, the apartments will be in the secondary market, but keep in mind that the average price for 1-room apartment, depending on the area, the house next to the sea, holds about 3,000,000 rubles.
Real estate Sochi last months shows a decrease in prices for apartments in new buildings.Developers carry out various actions to reduce prices, traded, offered convenient schemes of payment by installments.Of course, every house purchase conditions are different from other houses.Through an analyst with the previous years of work I believe that now is the most attractive and profitable time to buy an apartment in Sochi.
Note that in Sochi about 90% of developers are individuals.On the legality of the construction, I will describe in another article, but the fact remains that the house being completed in these developers, pass state.registered, people are occupied, prescribed apartments in such homes in the mortgage loans to banks.If we look at the house from developers of legal entities for 214FZ, then be prepared to identify, in most cases a substantial overpayment.If you compare with a segment of the secondary housing, the prices are to some extent above, yes, of course, they renovated and documents, but it so happens that the repair obscene, and to repair, and add more to your work on "stripping" for the money of course.That is, it turns out that the most favorable prices from the Phys.Lic.