you need
  • - notarial notification owners;
  • - notarized permission from the wife (co-owners);
  • - Resolution of custody and guardianship (if among the co-owners have a disability, or limited ability to minor citizens);
  • - an extract from the cadastral passport of the house and the land;
  • - a copy of the cadastral plan of the house and the land;
  • - a statement in regtsentr;
  • - payment of state duty for registration;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - the act of reception and transmission.
lest there be a situation that the co-owners are not warned, contact a notary, make notarial notice and send a registered letter to the name and address of the co-owner
If the second half of the owners agree to buy a house, you can not send a notification.Just begin to make out the sale transaction.
If the co-owners do not start a transaction after receiving the notice and at the same time did not agree to give a written refusal, the one month you have the right to sell his half home anyone.
Next transaction is made in the usual way as any transaction of sale.Take an excerpt from a BTI of cadastral passport home and a copy of the cadastral map, an extract from the cadastre of the center portion of the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan of the site.If the house was acquired in a marriage, the spouse is required notarization permission for sale (Article 256 of the Civil Code and 34 of the Family Code).If your half framed general share property require notary approval for sale of all co-owners (Article 244 of the Civil Code).If the right of ownership are minors, incapable or partially capable persons, apart from the notarial marketing authorization from their parents or legal representatives, will require a resolution of the guardianship authorities (Article 26, 28, 29, 30 of the Civil Code).
Further components with buyers a sales contract in written or notarial form (changes in the Civil Code of 1 January 1996 on an optional notarial registration of contracts of sale).Be sure to need an act of reception and transmission homes and land, because without this act of the deal will not be registered.
Ownership of the customer goes after the state registration of the transaction by the Federal Office of the State Registration Center (Article 131 of the Civil Code, the Federal Law 122-F3).