you need
  • land on which the pond.
lake, river or pond raise the price of real estate near them by 25% and sometimes 50%.But water bodies always attract increased interest in environmental organizations.So before buying a pond, worth to think carefully about its benefits and the set of rules that must be followed.
For example, the distance of residential properties to the water conservation area can not be closer than 50 meters in the area of ​​10 km2 reservoir to 10-50 km2 reservoir separation distance of 100 meters and the distance must be observed over200 m to the pond with an area of ​​over 50 km2.Plus, in the conserv
ation area be sure to take care of a treatment facilities.
In order to buy the pond to buy the land on which it is located.Note that if a pond bordered with another plot of land, transferring it to one person is not possible.
Also, arrange for private ownership is now possible to ponds with an area of ​​no more than 3000 m2.The land with a pond is considered the property of the company within the coastline.Of the existing restrictions should also be recalled that, according to the Water Code, to divide the pond is prohibited.Difficulties may arise in the sale of land with a pond because the pond from the alienation of the land can not be, that is sold separately pond without land fail.
purchasing a pond in a private property, be aware that it does not give you an automatic right to dispose of it as you like.Deny him swim and fish of course you can, but of preserving the purity of the pond you will not relieve.
If the pond is bought for drainage water, water withdrawals for irrigation, placing piers and organizing children's activities, its owner need to get as a special solution for the reservoir in use.When using a reservoir for industrial purposes will need to sign a contract for water use with the executive authorities.