If you want to buy a house is cheaper by 10-50%, look for options for yourself as intermediaries charge for services is a monetary reward, which is indicated.But in this case all you have to carry out the transaction as their own, and if you are not familiar with the laws governing the sale and registration of property rights and rule checking documents for legal purity of the transaction, it is better to overpay and take advantage of a reliable real estate agency.
Estate always getting cheaper late autumn to save on buying a house to look for the end of September, beginning of October.
If the house is very far from large settlements and work in the countryside not, the property will cost is n
ot cheap, and very cheap.This option is suitable pensioners, silence, fresh air, garden, your vegetables, fruits, and do not need to go into the garden by car or by train.In addition, the grandchildren, the children will come to vacation on the resort.
Another option to buy cheap homes - is when there is no certificate of ownership or not at all any documents, ie the construction of the house is unscheduled.In the first case, you can take the authorization form, a receipt from a host that does not have problems, but if there are, it will take a direct part in solving them.In the second case, there are no guarantees and the house can not draw at all, meaning it will remain non-routine, and you will not have any rights to it.
also are cheap home with the encumbrance of the tenants are not discharged or laid under the combined debts.But with such options it is better to not communicate.Since the future can be a huge problem until the invalidation of the transaction.
Unfinished house have a low price, especially if before the end of the construction is still very far away and need significant investments.
If the owners need to leave immediately, they sell property quickly and for a symbolic price, but not always.
And another option.Are cheap homes in disadvantaged areas, with neighbors alcoholics behind the wall or very dilapidated houses .But if the old house is located in a prestigious area, the cost will not be cheap, but on the outskirts or suburbs can buy cheap old house.
Consider all the options and decide on their own that is a priority for you, and you're just ready to close my eyes.In general, decide and make a purchase only to you.