received the opinion of the actual possibility of dividing the house, referring to a special expert organization having a license to perform such operations.This document should be spelled out all the possible options for dividing the house into apartments, and must be spelled out, someone from the owners of any share in the house - what apartment - relies.Often, that conclusion has been issued, it is necessary to carry out further restructuring in the house - to make another entry, partitions, etc.
With the conclusion on hand, please contact your place of residence and will receive a certificate of assigning a separate address for each apartment.
Further, the organization leading tehinventarizatsiyu capital construction projects need to formalize cadastral
passport, which will be spelled out separately technical description of each part of the house, with its total area.
In the end, contact your local department of the Federal Registration Service with the whole package of documents and a statement of the request under the house.This organization is carried out registration of ownership each of the owners of the house naopredelennuyu - apartment and issued a certificate of standard pattern of ownership.
after the procedure, each of the apartment owners, without the consent of other owners completely dispose of the property.
Various farm building on the territory of the house is not made out by separate documents - the right to have the documents prescribed in the apartment each side.
If you divide the house between the owners by mutual agreement is impossible - it is settled in court on the claim of one party.The Court makes the division of property on the proposed plaintiff or another variant due to the existing situation.The court decision is determined by the proportion of each of the owners in a building on the basis of technical advice, the actual use of homeownership needs in buildings, health and other factors on each side.