to start to create a request from the notary.Usually, it requires the original of this document.By the way, the entire list of documents is essential not only in the sale of apartments, but also for its exchange, donation, etc.If you are a parent of a minor owner of housing, then you will need more of and appropriate application for the sale of apartments.If the parents of the child is not, and you're just the man to whom to entrust the sale of housing, give to the guardianship special document confirming the absence of parents.It may be a death certificate, the court decision on the deprivation of parental rights or recognit
ion of the parent missing.
course, necessary, and a statement from the owner of the minor premises.However, only in the case when it has reached the age of 14.In other cases, you need a statement from the child's guardian (if it has no parent).If you work with a certain degree of a minor in an apartment, then take care to collect the statements that they did not object to the sale, all the owners of the remaining share of adults living quarters.
also provide to the guardianship of the child's birth certificate and the documents that confirm his ownership of this dwelling (the deed of gift, a will, and others.).Of course, to sell the apartment without any problems "with the care of" take care of paying all the necessary bills - utilities, pay the light and phone.After statements from each of them will also need to submit to the guardianship.
Collect most of the documents in the original, but a copy of them, be sure to remove.Just in case.But to put a date and signature on his statement not in a hurry.Do this in the presence of specialist care.He immediately Sight your autograph and his signature.Remember that to pass the documents to the guardianship must come personally all those involved in the process.It is the child, his parents or guardian, and those owners who do not object to the sale of shares in the apartment (in the case of the share).
It should be borne in mind that the guardianship is easier to agree on a deal, if you already have an equal housing option instead sell.This should take care in advance.In some cases, custody gives its go-ahead with the wording "simultaneous rather than sequential purchase of apartments."This will mean that you have to first buy a new apartment, and then sell the old one.