use all possible means to inform potential customers about the sale of land.Place ads on sites,, and others, where reports of the sale of land and propertyposted free of charge.In the text, specify the area of ​​the land, its location, proximity to large settlements, the availability of communications buildings.Mark the type of property, this is highly dependent on the price.If the land is in the certificate of ownership is designated as "settlement lands" means, it is possible to build on the major house and provide it.Plot passing on the documents as "agricultural land" will be cheaper.As the central communications spend there is a problem, and to register the building as a permanent place of residence i
s possible only through the courts.Secure the best photos and put enter cost and contact details.
Replace the plate portion of the sale.Large enough to write on a piece of plywood on the fence or just the word "sell" and a phone number.Very often, those who wish to purchase a plot, interesting tour the towns by car in search of just such ads.
update the status on social networks, indicating that you are looking for a buyer for the land .Tell us about it to friends and acquaintances.The more the people around them will know what your intentions are, the higher the chance to sell the land quickly and at a good price.
Call the real estate agency.They placed the ad on the sale of land not only free, but also on paid resources.You it will not cost you anything.The burden of payment service agents are usually borne by the buyer, as their interest is added to the value of the site.