If you want to buy a country house and pay for it the minimum price, start to look for the appropriate option in September or October when the season is over, but the owners are willing to throw off the price of the property.
The highest prices for summer cottages - this spring.At this time, the value of cottages in the fall may exceed 50, sometimes 100%.In the summer, all sold the estate leased, so not every farmer wants to lose the money paid in advance.In addition, almost all areas of fruit, so buy cheap you will not succeed.
only option when the cottage can be bought cheaply in any season - so if the master in a hurry, and somewhere to go.In this case you can to purchase the cottage is close to the city, in th
e spring or summer season at the lowest price.But this case is rather the exception to the rule and choose such an option is problematic.
Country sites located far from the city always cheaper than similar, but are close to large settlements.As the holiday season, and many can not permanently leave the workplace.
The price also depends on what kind of growing perennial planting in the country, as landscaped holiday village, and the quality of the roads leading to it.If a site is difficult to reach because of the lack of a hard coating on the track, then it will cost much cheaper.
If gardening is guarded round the price to the country is much higher than that which without protection.In the unprotected areas are still present looting when in the houses and at the site can not be anything left.
Search for a suitable option for the ads in the media on their own - it is always cheaper than the services of a real estate agency, but this method is not always search allows you to choose the option that is right for you.So no matter what you want to buy land as cheaply as possible, after all, rational appeal to the real estate agency, where there is a huge computer database with a full description of suburban areas and prices.