Enclose with his relative fictitious sales contract apartment.Assures a contract at the notary is not required, but registered in the FRS with the act of transfer of ownership is necessary.In addition to evidence of the right to property and the contract you are required to submit only a passport (yours and your family) and pay a state fee.If you pass so apartment one of his children in marriage, in the case of a possible divorce, the husband / wife of your child will be entitled to claim their share of the apartment in the property division.In addition, your family member after processing the transaction will not be entitled to a property tax deduction.
not attempt at the conclusion of the contract of sale to mislead tax authorities and indicate the transaction amount below the market value of
the apartment.Employees Tax Service Be sure to check these transactions entered into between and relatives, and if the amount specified in the contract you will be understated by more than 20%, you will be required to pay fines and taxes to the real value of the apartment.
Pass apartment your family member under the contract of donation.Present in the FRS for the registration of the contract, your passport, documents apartment and certificates and certificates of registry office confirming the fact of kinship between you.In this case, the husband / wife of your child will not have any further rights to the apartment .
Apply for a will by a notary.Your relative will have the right to use the apartment after your death, if the will is not challenged by other members of the family (or their representatives) who have been found incapable or were your dependents (for example, minor children).Therefore, in order to subsequently have arisen hereditary disputes, be careful with all the relatives, specifically mentioned in the will, which is the share due to each of them.Or - will expose the main heir in his will the conditions under which he would be obliged to take care of the rest of your family.
conclude with a relative of the annuity contract, which defines the conditions for the transfer to it all the apartments in the property after your death.Such an agreement is registered by a notary and has the character of a return of the transaction.In other words, you can always refuse his relative in the transfer of ownership of an apartment , if for some reason do not want to follow the terms of the contract and to keep you up to your death.