Features of the Italian real estate market

Italian city distinguished by the absence of mass construction.For foreigners, restrictions on the purchase of almost non-existent.When making a choice, consider the type of real estate.If you've decided to buy a house in Italy, there are several options.You can buy property as part of town-house, detached house, or the house.

If we talk about the average prices, the Italian real estate market is not cheap.In the central and northern parts of the country housing prices are high.The objects are sold in coastal areas and in the mountainous part of the country.Many people choose the house, located in a picturesque valley.

On sale are old houses, farms, luxury villas.The choice is huge, every customer can find a suitable alternative.A particularly large selection on the seconda
ry market.There may be some very interesting objects.There are houses with a specific finish to which are not used by buyers from Russia.There are houses with a specific plan.In any case, better to watch your favorite options in place.So you pick up exactly what you need.

In Italy, sold a lot of houses and villas on the lake.This is the main difference between the real estate market of the country.In southern Italy the lowest price for the house.The highest real estate prices are fixed in the northwest.

Tips for processing the transaction

Buying a home in Italy includes several stages.If you decide to buy a house without a middleman, you must strictly follow the rules of the transaction.

First you need to create an offer.It is called the "final" because you are formalized its intention to buy a house in Italy.Specify the dates of purchase.After that it signed a protocol of intent.Be sure to consult with a lawyer for all questions you may have before signing the contract.This is a very important point.Remember that when signing the contract you have to pay a deposit.Its size is 15% of the property value.

If the transaction breaks through the fault of the buyer, the seller reserves at the deposit.Sometimes the deal breaks down the fault of the seller.Then he pays compensation to the buyer.Its size is two inclinations.If you do not want to search for objects and arrange a deal on their own, it is best to contact the international real estate agency.Enter your requirements for the project.Specialist will select the appropriate option.