Prices in the secondary housing market

statistics this year already confirms a steady rise in prices for one-bedroom apartments on the secondary market.Although, of course, spread them quite large - from 650 thousand to 9.5 million, at an average cost per square meter of 67.4 thousand rubles.By the way, this value for two-bedroom apartments in the city average of 64.9 for two-bedroom - 64.2 for the four-room - 64.6 thousand rubles.The average cost of one-bedroom apartments on the secondary housing market in Novosibirsk is about 1 million 950 thousand. Rubles.

Of course, much depends on which area of ​​the city and the house in
which the apartment is located.The choice here is quite broad: "Khrushchev's" five-story building;apartment typical layout of the Brezhnev era;apartments built in recent years, with improved layout.The most popular among buyers considered Oktyabrsky, Dzerzhinsky, Zaeltsovskiy and Leninsky districts.Cost per square meter one-bedroom apartments in them is: 63.4;66.2;73 and 68,500 rubles, respectively. Depending on the area, the price per square meter in the new building can begin from 51 thousand rubles.

highest cost of housing in the central region, then one square meter in the "odnushke" can cost more than 80 thousand rubles, the lowest - in the Pervomaisky district, where a square meter costs 55 thousand rubles.Therefore, having the same amount of money, you can buy or sale in the central part of the city, or more comfortable accommodation on its outskirts.

Those planning to buy a house in the future, you may want to wait until come true plans of municipal authorities for the construction of new metro stations, road junctions and light rail lines.This will snivelirovat cost per square meter in different regions of Novosibirsk. studio apartment of 35 square meters, in the center, next to the metro could cost about 3.5 million rubles.

How much is "odnushka" in Novosibirsk building

average cost per square meter one-bedroom apartment in a new building is in the middle of 2014 68 500 rubles.Prices for studio apartments beat all records - the cost exceeds 70 thousand rubles, and at the same time realtors predict a further increase in their value.This is due to the excess of demand over supply, as well as the resumption of the governor's program to subsidize families who buy housing in new buildings under construction on the Rights of the equity.