Tip 1: How to buy a house in Penza

Penza is located on the Volga Uplands, it flows through several rivers and volunteers eager to return to her the title of the greenest city of the Volga region.Buy a cottage in the city in various ways.
you need
  • - Penza newspaper;
  • - real estate agency;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you live directly in Penza, pay attention to the announcement of the sale of houses in the local newspapers or contact the real estate agency.Determine for yourself the scope of price range in which you will be required housing.
most elite areas are considered central Penza, Leninsky, Pervomaisky West.Accordingly, cottages, built on their territory will be much more expensive than those that are on the outskirts of the city.
significant effect on the cost of the cottage, and the fact that it has a gas supply, and the presence of other communications (water, sewer, internet, etc.)
In addition, the pricedetermined yet and the year of construction of the cottage, its exterior
and interior, the presence of various additional infrastructure (garages, basements, sheds, swimming pools, saunas, etc.) and the meter adjacent to the house territory.
You can also search for the information you need on the Internet by typing the appropriate search terms such as "Homes for sale in Penza."Some of these sites have the ability to sort by price, location of houses and a number of other features.Search engines cottage for purchase on the Internet is an indispensable option for people living far from Penza, and wanting to change their place of residence or to purchase a holiday housing option.
example of a useful sites can serve as a "Penza building portal".Sale of real estate updated it every day, and they have enough multilevel character - for people with high demands and an economical price version.Many of them are equipped with external and internal photographs kinds of homes, which will undoubtedly have a significant help in choosing the cottage is to your taste.

Tip 2: How to get on the Penza Penza

- quite beautiful and green city.Founded in 1663, located on the river Sura.To walk around the city has become an interesting and exciting journey, you must make a preliminary plan for visits to memorial sites Penza.
With the disposal of private transport, you can visit the most interesting areas of the city.

main objects to visit

If you call in Penza from Moscow, then get in Arbekovo.It is densely populated "sleeping" district.It is called so because it is in most cases multi-storey building look like the same type of house.Not so long ago the area was elevated to the Palace of Sports "Burtasy", which is already engaged and recognized world-class athletes, beginners and "star".

Moving toward the center, we can see an interesting pedestal called "Globe".This globe is much smaller, which symbolizes the peace of the world.

Symbols city

speaking on the street "Avenue of Victory" the memorial of military and labor glory, which is a monument in the form of a warrior and a woman with a child behind him.In one wall mounted shelf with a book containing the records of those who fell in the battles for the homeland from 1941 to 1945.It should be noted that the visit to the monument to lay flowers, and has become a must in every wedding programs.

visiting the waterfront Sura, you can see the so-called "germ."This obelisk is made of stainless steel and is a symbol of the heroism of the people at work and the military path.Nearby there is a stele with a letter to descendants, its publication will take place in 2017.

front of the old library building Lermontov everybody can contemplate the monument of the first settlers.Argued that the man with the horse - a monument to those who first settled in the Penza land and began to equip.

Unfortunately, the city zoo is currently not in the best condition, because there comes a massive reconstruction of its facilities.However, if there is a strong desire that his visit will bring amazing moments of communication with wildlife: parrots, monkeys, bears and cloven-hoofed.

both in summer and in winter it is recommended to visit the new district of Penza - a city "Sputnik".The guests will open beach, a beautiful promenade and original buildings.

lovers of nature will be interesting to visit the Akhun.It operates in the summer children's railway, which will interest the younger generation.A little further away is the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia.In the architectural sense, it is amazing - built of wood without a single nail.
  • Penza building portal