not skip past his attention to detail.Agency agreement about the meeting, will appear in place for 15-20 minutes before.Inspect the yard next door, in which they state, everywhere there are serviceable intercoms, as well-groomed territory with them.
Read ads pasted on a special board - is a source of additional information.In that case, if they occur more frequently "Buy an apartment" rather than "Buy an apartment in your house," you should think.In addition, it will be clear whether there is a problem
in service at home, how often they are associated with communications.
Estate Going into the entrance, continue to look around and observe.Note the condition of the elevator, staircases, is set up on the landing door is closed and if it works.It does not interfere remember the apartment number, and then to check if it matches with what is specified in the statement from the state register of real estate.
Pay attention to your own feelings - how comfortable you feel, entered the apartment, did not have any feeling of anxiety.Only then carefully inspect each room.Note whether the repair is made.Renovation will add 20-30% to the cost of the apartment.The need for major repairs or unresolved traces of fire significantly reduce the price of housing.Free planning to increase it.
Looking around the room, note that there are no water stains on the ceiling in the bathroom and other rooms.In the kitchen, toilet and bathroom plumbing work, check, check, the condition of the pipe.Ask the owners if there are any problems with water supply and heating.Examine the utility rooms - fitted wardrobes on balcony, pantry, walk-in closets.
Ask and learn the apartment floor plan, compare it to what it actually is.All redevelopment should be permissive documents.If the work is not legalized redevelopment, demand to reduce the price - their design will take your time.Ask if the apartment Internet, satellite TV, one service provider.